For the accepted wisdom on the viability of staining elephant tusks to prevent poaching, scroll down to “A conservation biologist’s take on dyeing elephant tusks” from Prof. Samuel Wasser or click here to see it on a separate page

For the short version of how a staining program might work, see the 3rd post from the bottom, “How a viable tusk staining program might work in brief” or click here 

The longer version is at the bottom, “Could we fight elephant poaching by staining the tusks?” or click here

For a look at our current (2015) anti-poaching efforts, please see my blog, All We Do For The Elephants . . . Exactly. Poaching in 2015 is still at unsustainable levels. 2014 poaching levels were the same as 2013’s. (14 July 2015)

Immediately following is something about a staining program’s potential compared to our current anti-poaching efforts in a reply to a reader.

Thoughts on something a big game hunter said about hunting elephants before it’s too late.

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2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. If you offer an elephant figurine with pink tusks, and advertise them as gift for a donation of $20+, A LOT of people will be buying them for Christmas to give to there relatives/friends who already have everything. Put it on FB and other social media. Hopefully it would go viral. Make it “limited time offer” for status symbol. Just saying, it would bank roll a lot dye. You could send a better quality elephant for a higher donation. 😉

    • Thanks for the suggestion.

      At this point, it’s not about money.

      What needs doing is mentioning the idea (or just forwarding the blog link) to people who might be interested whether family, friends, acquaintances,or just relevant people you’ve heard of.

      This blog is about making a lunatic fringe idea seem just plausible enough to intrigue a couple of experts in unrelated fields to find each other to decide if I’m a lunatic . . . or not. Partial list might include histologist, dye detector chemist, drug delivery expert (so we don’t need to tranquilize the elephants), maybe a cosmetic surgeon who never thought before about making teeth anything but white.

      If the dye is found, the money will come.

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