How a viable tusk staining program might work in brief.

Here is an account of the May 6, 2013 killing of 26 elephants in the Central African Republic. [Poaching is still at unsustainable levels 2+ years later. 2014 poaching levels were the same as 2013’s. 14 July 2015.]

The crux of a workable staining program will be the dye. Does such a dye exist that can do what is required?

My hunch is that the answer will come from one or more specialists whose field(s) have no connection to elephants and poaching. My hope is that readers of this blog will know the answer or how to go about pursuing an answer or put the question to ones who do. My hope is that the answer will be found, shared, vetted and perfected. And a species-saving tusk staining program will become a reality.

The 1st post of this blog at the very bottom is a discussion of the need to destroy the value of a tusk to end poaching effectively and how that might be done.

The rest of this post is a briefer, sharper version of the “how” part with some new thoughts. If time is short, please keep reading this one.

The dye and its form of delivery must:

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